October 30, 2013

The Day After Thanksgiving

Bryan Travis Hooper

I’m grateful for Thanksgiving, but what I really like is the day after Thanksgiving.

This day, there is nothing that must be done. Their is usually food leftover from the day before, so in the unlikely event that you do get hungry again, no problem. Everyone is recovering from the antics of the day before - cooking, eating, socialzing, arguing, drinking…etc.

So, the day after, you can do what you want. We went on a little hike up Bald Mountain, a short, easy hike in the northern White Mountains of New Hampshire.

Just off of I-93, right across from the Cannon Mountain ski area, you can quickly bop up to the top of Bald Mountain for some reaonably nice views. The payoff for the effort is quite high.

The hike up Bald Mountain has a modest stretch of rock scrambling, but it isn’t bad. It is very windy however, and you should be prepared to put on a jacket and hold on to your hat. After the peak, we came down and cruised over to Artist’s Bluff, which offers another nice view. After that, we turned back and returned to our car…a nice way to spend the day after Thanksgiving. Oh, and did I mention that after that, we ate pizza and drank excellent beer at Schilling in Littleton. Oh yeah, that was nice too.

A view on the way up. I think the road below is I-93. The trailhead is just a minute off of the highway: