October 9, 2020

Looking forward to Winter

Bryan Travis Hooper

This year, I am hoping for a long, snowy winter.

Last year our winter was cut short on account of COVID. This year our winter will be different because of COVID. Ski resorts are posting their precautions and rules and though they vary from place to place, the bottom line is that things will be different.

Most resorts, as far as I know, are not opening their indoor spaces. So, you won't be able to enjoy lunch (at least inside) or an after-ski beer. That will be tough! But if we have good snow, I don't think I'll care. I'll just focus on the positive and enjoy some good skiing.

This will be my third season downhill skiing. I did not grow up doing this as a kid. In Texas, snow was an extremely rare oddity. I remember one year we got a "snow" and the news covered it. A kid had made a respectable snowball, but it required all the snow on his front lawn. The grass was green underneath. That was the biggest snow I remember.

Now, I am pretty used to snow. And I'm excited for season three on the slopes. Here's hoping for a cold, snowy, long winteer. It will be a welcome distraction from all the other crazy things going on in the world.