January 17, 2019

A Dream Job

Bryan Travis Hooper

There is no such thing as a perfect job.

All jobs have their ups and downs. As I begin a job search, I'm really not thinking so much about the actual job as I am about the community and culture of the company for which I will work. The job will have it's pros and cons, like all jobs. Hopefully more pros than cons, obviously. But the environment in which I work will really shape my happiness and enjoyment, as well as my effectivenss.

That's because a job - however frustrating - is made more pleasurable when it is situated in a context that connects to one's passion. If I find myself reformating huge XML files for some application, the task would be bearable if the mission and culture of the organization inspires my passions.

To that end, I am hoping to find the following things in my next place of employment:

  • A company with a genunie mission that positively impcats the world. I respect the bottom line. But I also am driven to make a difference. Industries like healtchare, productivity, wellness, social enterprise and the environment inspire me the most.
  • A company with a strong learning culture. I am a new developer - I need a job that is going to encourage me to grow. Of course, this means starting where I am, but also contining to evolve and learn and be challeneged as I develop skills.
  • A company that appreciates my unique work history. I may be looking for a junior position, but I have a lot of really valuable work experience that makes me a unique candidate. I want to work somewhere that will leverage the many skills and experiences I bring.
  • A company that is remote first. I moved to rural Vermont as a lifestyle choice. I love it here. I'm happy here. I work here. A company with a strong remote culture will allow me to adopt best practices and become a valuable remote worker.

I'm sure there are other things that matter to me - like compensation, benefits, etc. But the above list captures the things that come to my mind as distinctives. I hope I can find a rewarding work place, that empowers my Vermont lifestly, and engages the world with positive change all while leveraging my unique set of talents.

How hard can that be to find?